LGBT Rights

The LGBT community in Ghana continues to face extreme stigmatization from society, discrimination from the state and vilification in the media. HRAC has been busy organizing LGBT empowerment workshops geared towards the LGBT community, community service organisations, NGOs and state institutions.

So far, HRAC has successfully organized two workshops in Accra and two workshops in Takoradi. The purpose of these workshops are to equip participants with the tools needed to be able to better advocate and protect the rights of vulnerable populations, particularly the LGBT community.These workshops are also meant to empower the LGBT community by educating them on their rights as well as strategies to protect their rights.

HRAC has also drafted a LGBT human rights handbook, which is currently being reviewed by the various stakeholders who were present at the LGBT workshop rights. When completed, this handbook will be a reference guide for the Ghanaian LGBT community and will include stories LGBT individuals’ experiences as well as information on institutions where the LGBT community can seek help when their rights are being violated.