Human Rights Clinic - Success Stories

The Human Rights Clinic can boast some wonderful success stories. Take for example Jo and Josephine, who came to HRAC for help earlier this year. Read their story below, and the attached video. Thank you.

Friday, 05 October 2012 00:00

Jo and Josephine - Work Benefits Claim

Josephine and Joseph came to the Human Rights Clinic at the Human Rights Advocacy Center in 2009 as a last roll of the dice. Find out how HRAC helped the brother and sister in their legal battle.

In 1986, Josephine Armah and Joseph Amarboye heard on the radio that they had lost their jobs at the Central Revenue Service (now Internal Revenue Service). No warning at all, no reason given and their jobs were gone. Eventually, they found out they had been accused of accepting bribes, an allegation that was so ridiculous it would be laughable, were the repercussions not so devastating.

To make matters worse, Joseph and Josephine did not receive the service benefits they were entitled to under the law. Since then, they have been fighting for these benefits, and coming up against endless brick walls in their fight for justice.

Despite a series of wins in the courts, Jo and Josephine never actually saw the money that was awarded to them. Because they were retired, they couldn't afford to appeal, and came to HRAC for free advice on how to receive their benefits.

Josephine describes HRAC's efforts to recover their money as "QUOTE." After writing "letter after letter after letter" for three years, HRAC managed to recover the redundancy entitlements for our clients.

See the attached video: