Working in Ghana

The decision to live and work abroad can be a difficult one, especially when the decision is based off the advice and experiences of others. Therefore, your information source becomes very important. Here you find will information about what to expect while living and working in Ghana as, what the locals affectionately refer to as obroni, a foreigner.

Working in Ghana - Things to Know

You must have a work permit in order to work in Ghana. This document grants you permission to work in the country. Your permit will specify the job title and the employer. You cannot start working immediately in Ghana unless you are granted a residence permit by the Director of Immigration to remain and work in the country. Once you begin working your employer will have to inform the authorities no later than seven days after you begin.
Being a developing country the systems of operation in Ghana are not always centralized. With this is mind, many offices still work with paper. Much of their information is filed and kept in the offices. Things might not always go as quickly as expected because the retrieval of information is not central.
: Most offices open at 8am and close between 4pm and 5pm. The tasks range from administrative to fieldwork depending on the job.
Generally office attire is formal. However from office to office it varies. Women wear formal skirt suits and formal dresses, because of the warm climate this is much more comfortable. Males wear pant suits, with a formal shirt and tie (optional). Clothes should fit modestly, especially for women.